No Master of Innsbruck but in the Heart of the Alps

In short: I didn´t master the “Master of Innsbruck (100km/4400hm)” but still happy to reach the finish line🏁 of the “Heart of the Alps Ultra (80km/ 3000hm)” track on my own feet.
On 07th May I started my my buddy at the Innsbruck Apline Trail Run Festival. Decided to tackle the 100km distance, another challenge, the start was at midnight. Weather forecast was showery weather 10°C…it turn out I would rain the entire time and even light snow in during the night in upper sections.
During the night @30km I crashed 💥& bruised my hip/quad, while running downhill. It frustrated me, because it was a not very technical section and it was purely my fault not paying more mind driftet away. Bodycheck and I realized I should be able to continued to run but @70km only walking🐌 was possible.  At the next checkpoint had to make the decision to take the safe route towards the finish line of the K85 (80km) finishline.🏁
No regrets…gave it all and that was the best I could do in this situation.. Even if the mission wasn´t accomplished it doesn´t feel like an DNF, I´m still okay and happy with the outcome😀. I´ll be back✊🏻
Thanks to all the Volunteers, supporters and fellow trailrunners who suffered thru it.